Campbell Heights Rolling

Rolling is another fundamental process in steel, aluminum or stainless fabrication. Our experienced staff can handle the most demanding tolerances providing our clients with what they require.

If you have the need for rolling for your upcoming products or projects, we can do it safely, accurately and efficiently keeping your costs to a minimum.

Rolling products and projects

rOLLING Certifications

All rolling work is delivered with Quality Control and, if required, Mill Certification Reports.

Rolling Capabilities

CH Fabrication offers a 4-roll pinch set of rolls with capabilities of up to 3/8” mild steel plate up to 84” in width, offering a minimum of 16” inside diameter up to 10-12 feet diameters.

Depending on the width, thicknesses and material capabilities will vary.

Please feel free to contact us at any time about your rolling needs. We’re always happy to hear from all visitors on our website.

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